It was the last black hole on my Ladakh map. Two visits up there and, somehow, that trip to Pangong Tso never happened. Floods, landslides, itineraries…the proverbial spanner in the works always cropped up. All my friends who’d been up to Ladakh looked at me incredulously, saying “Dude, you’ve done Ladakh twice, and you’ve never been to Pangong?

Well, this time, I did make it. It took a ride up Baralacha La in the night to make sure we got to Leh on time, but there was always Pangong at the back of my mind. I imagined the purple prose I’d write; the descriptive turn of phrase I’d use.

It all went out the window when I saw that magical expanse of water on the Indo-Tibetan border. All I could think of was “#$@*!!! Switch to the 12-24 lens, now!”

Because, this is one of those places that’s best viewed in wide angle. If a photo can do it justice, that is…


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  1. शुभकामनाएँ आपको भी ऐसी यादगार यात्रा करने के लिये,

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