This Weekend’s Special


Every Friday, once upon a time, Elango would call my buddy Gene or me. For those of you who don’t know him, Elango runs an establishment called Pecos on Rest House Road, Bangalore, renowned for its superb music and abysmally lousy beer.

“Macha! Where the ^%$# is my poster?” he’d complain. “Dude, we have shitloads of work happening!” we’d complain, in return. “Don’t bullshit, da,” he’d tell us, “Ogilvy pays you guys to play Pac Man in office. Give poster fast!”

No; we never got paid, or got so much as a free beer. And, we must have done this for close to a year. Most of the posters have vanished. Here are three I salvaged.


pecos1 pecos2 pecos3


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